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I'm a sickening mess. [Oct. 8th, 2008|09:30 pm]
Star light, star bright...
I wish I was different, but life's no fairytale.

I wish I was dead.

I wish I've never been born.

I mean it.
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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2008|08:56 pm]
Star light, star bright...

[Current Mood |gloomygloomy]
[Current Music |Brand New- Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis]

I wish he never told me he loved me.
I wish he hadn't asked me to come along with him that day.
I wish he never sang me that one song, I still can hear it.
I wish we never kissed, I can still taste it
I wish he never introduced me to those things...I still do them.
I wish he never touched me, I still burn.

most of all,
I wish I had never loved him back...I still do.
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2008|05:26 pm]
Star light, star bright...

I wish he had a good thing sitting in front of him.
I wish he knew that I understood what no one else does.
I wish he wouldn't think about moving across the country to find happiness.
I wish he actually loved me.
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I wish... [Mar. 4th, 2007|01:02 pm]
Star light, star bright...

[Current Mood |flirtyflirty]

I wish for this cold, sucky, wintry weather to be over.  I'm tired of dressing in layers. I want to be able to wear my sandals and tank top and be on my way. Is that so much to ask???
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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2007|02:12 am]
Star light, star bright...

I wish I could sort out what my brain and heart are saying to each other. I wish I could just figure out what I want to do and how to go about it. I wish I could sort out these odd feelings to get some normalcy.
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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2007|01:47 am]
Star light, star bright...

All I want is to be happy...

I wish certain negative forces in my life would let me go and allow me to move on. I suppose I just have to move on without their permission.

I hope my best friends find their paths and their happiness. I feel their struggle and their pain.. They deserves so much better.

I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow.
I need just one more break... Always one more. I need a release.
I wish I could rid myself of this deep dark sad inside of me.. It's so far down that I can't find it to perge myself of it. It's hidden, but it's wreaking havoc on every part of me, bit by bit.

I wish for true justice to be served to all.

Imagine all the people living life in peace...
- John Lennon
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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2006|04:06 pm]
Star light, star bright...

[Current Location |mi casa]
[Current Mood |blankblank]
[Current Music |jay z]

I wish boys weren't so lame and full of excuses. I wish I had a nice, cute, funny, sweet Christian boyfriend.
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I wish.... [Jun. 21st, 2006|01:41 pm]
Star light, star bright...
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Mood |crushedcrushed]
[Current Music |Lost and Lonely]

I wish he would listen.
I wish he would care.
I wish i was willing.
I wish he was here not there.
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2006|12:57 am]
Star light, star bright...

I wish I could find the right guy.
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I wish ... [May. 14th, 2006|11:09 pm]
Star light, star bright...

I wish you were not gay.
I wish everyone was not leaving.
I wish you and me could become very good friends.
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